Technical Data

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Technical Data

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View Our Technical Data Sheet (Click Here)

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Physical Data

With an average weight of 1.125 lbs. per square foot, our equipment pad is the lightest solid core pad on the market. This provides ease in one individual being able to set the foundation for the equipment being installed.

The outer most layer of the pad provides a membrane that keeps the pad waterproof, chemical resistant and gives it added strength to hold up against weathering outdoors. Our pad will not discolor or degrade with use outdoors and will hold up to necessary maintenance activities such as weed eating around it.

The integument and interior of the pad have been expressly engineered for flexibility and the tensile needs necessary in the pads application. Additionally, the elasticity of the pad promotes congruousness to slight ground line imperfections without damage.

Vibration Reduction:
The core of the pad has been particularly engineered to promote a foundation that reduces the amount of energy transferred by equipment. The pad was designed to keep resonance low so that reverberations are dampened, off your mind, and out of your ears. 

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Elemental Data

The pad is waterproof, so permeation is impossible, keeping freezing the same. Consequently, stress fractures due to expansion and contraction is not an issue.

Unlike other preformed pads on the market, our pad is made to resist more heat than the equipment it supports can generate.

Chemical Resistance:
Due to the Outer Skin and Composite Core’s specific makeup the pad is resistant to a broad spectrum of chemicals that are typically shown to be corrosive and destructive in nature. All testing shows that the pad does not soften, erode, or peel in any way when exposed to:

Oils, Acetone, Isopropyl Alchohol, BSS, Ammonia, Bleach, Muriatic Acid, Sodium Hydroxide (Lye), Sulfuric Acid

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Our pad is so easy to install that whether you are an individual or a company that will use the pad regularly, this pad will save you both time and a lot of money and agitation. The ease of giving your equipment a solid foundation in no time flat will keep you on schedule and productive.