DuraBull tank bases are the industry leader for Oil and Gas storage tank foundations.

Engineered to exceed API recommendations for foundational support, DuraBull tank bases are lightweight, rugged, and provide three layers hydrocarbon resistance.

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The idea of a stronger, rugged, and modular tank base was born out of necessity. Originally known as Sentinel, we went through a process of defining who we were and what our products were about and Sentinel came to be known as DuraBull.

Countless hours in R&D have been invested in making the very best tank base on the market. We think you will agree it is stronger, lighter, more reliable, and very attractively priced, and makes setting up a site easy.  DuraBull tank bases are a top-of-the-line product you can be proud to own.

DuraBull tank bases are light enough for easy installation, and durable enough to withstand substantial weight, UV, moisture, and heat resistant. With a state-of-the-art high-density core and resilient textured coating.


DuraBull/Sentinel's team is dedicated to the development of manufacturing in the area of Urethane products. We make everything here in the USA and are centrally located in Knoxville, Arkansas.

Our cost-effective tooling processes positions DuraBull/Sentinel as an ideal partner in manufacturing. Contact us to find out how we can put our expertise to work for you.

DuraBull/Senitnel's unique paint line is equipped with the latest technology in both singular and plural component spray applications.

Our experienced team along with new developments in product formulation give DuraBull/Sentinel the tools to help you advance your product to the next level.

family owned

DuraBull is a family-owned small business operated by Cameron and Rebecca Trudell. Integrity, Trust, Accountability, and Relationships are the pillars of their business. Before Durabull, Cameron served in the Army from 2003-2012. During this time, Rebecca worked as a CPA and internal auditor. Following their time in the Army, Cameron and Becky moved to Montana to work and be closer to family. A chance opportunity brought them to Arkansas to own and operate DuraBull. Together with their six children, Cameron and Becky live in central Arkansas and continue to manufacture the best tank bases for the oil and gas storage tank industry.

Technical Data


Physical Data

With an average weight of 1.125 lbs. per square foot, our equipment pad is the lightest solid core pad on the market.
This allows quick and easy installation by two people.

The outer most layer of the pad provides a membrane that keeps the pad waterproof, chemical resistant and gives it added strength to hold up against weathering outdoors. It will not degrade and has a serviceable life of 20+ years with an industry leading 24 month warranty

The integument and interior of the pad have been expressly engineered for stiffness and compaction.  

Elemental Data

Chemical Resistance:
Due to the Outer Skin and Composite Core’s specific makeup, the pad is resistant to a broad spectrum of chemicals that are typically shown to be corrosive and destructive in nature. All testing shows that the pad does not soften, erode, or peel in any way when exposed to:

Corrosion Barrier:
DuraBull tank pads virtually eliminate soil-side corrosion by creating a barrier between the elements and the most corrosion-vulnerable portion of the tank, the tank bottom, greatly increasing the usable lifetime of your tanks.

Triple Core Chemical Protection:

Tough, rugged, impact-resistant Polyurea outer coating
Ultra High-Density Polyurethane Shell Protection
Inner Core Proprietary Technology of next-generation composites


Our pad is so easy to install that whether you are an individual or a company that will use the pad regularly, this pad will save you both time and a lot of money and agitation. The ease of giving your equipment a solid foundation in no time flat will keep you on schedule and productive.